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a DJ who lived in seclusion [userpic]
Three links: HPV vaccine safety, birth control labels, IUDs

I've run across three articles lately that I thought you all might appreciate! However, the HPV vaccine one is potentially too inflammatory for VP, given how those discussions tend to explode.

So I'll post them here.

Bedsider breaks down the parts of patient pamphlets, explaining why some information gets included, others omitted, and others get emphasized way too much.

A giant study found that the only nasty side effects to Gardasil were fainting and injection site irritation. I can't tell how long the study actually followed the 200K participants, but at least for a few months after the (third?) injection. Sidenote: I'm rather annoyed with the takeaway the Live Science writer leaves at the end. In my mind, the headline is the more accurate summary.

ACOG recommends IUDs and Implanon safe for teens! Maybe this will finally be the kick in the pants some practitioners need to be okay with giving IUDs to nulliparous uteri?