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Bulletins from Vulva-Loving Superstars
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October 2012
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Goat Friends [userpic]
Blog Carnival: Domestic Violence Awareness Month


If you're writing, I'm organizing.


I've never heard of a blog carnival before. :O

I took a peek over there and I'll probably write something up in a day or so and shoot you an e-mail. :)

Basically, though you might have surmised from context, it's a bunch of bloggers going, "Oh yes. I will write about X topic on/near Y day." And they do. And then there is a hub post to interconnect all the blog posts.

TBH, my blog doesn't get enough traffic to be 100% ideal for this. But since it looks like there are no bigger blog carnivals for this... I'd rather do it small than not at all.

Thanks for writing! (Can you email me at anytimeyoga@gmail.com to confirm -- just so I have all the participants in one place?)


Do you mind if I link to your blog post on my LJ? I'd like to give it a little signal boost.

Sounds great!