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Hey, all! This is the place for any vaginapagina members to post information about local or national sexual and reproductive health events as well as to advertize on-topic Live Journal communities.

A couple of ground rules, though:

1) VP's safe space rules still apply.

2) The safe space rules of vp_bulletins extend to cover abortion debate. While we accept bulletins of both pro-choice and pro-life natures, debates about the issues themselves should be reserved for other communities.

3) For the safety of our readers and members, we're pretty picky about fundraising posts. Because the internet is such an anonymous place, only select fundraising posts tied to well-known, reputable organizations will be accepted.

4) Oh, yes. vp_bulletins is a moderated community; this means that your post must be approved before it will appear on the community page. This will help eliminate duplicate posts as well as posts that may be more appropriate for other communities.

5) While the community maintainers do read each post before approving it, and while we hope to "catch" any posts that are less than reputable, please be advised that we do not specifically endorse any of the posts that appear in the community. Please use your best judgment and do your best research before participating in or following the advice of any post here.